A Powerful Short Inspiration Story “The Race of Life”

A Short Inspiration Story “The Race of Life” and a autobiography the race of my life

The Race of life

The Race of Life

once upon a time there was a young sports boy who likes to win every race for success since winning at home was everything and success were measured by victory once the boy was preparing for a race in his small village and two other boys competed with a large crowd gathered to see this race and the wise old man, hearing about the little boy si he also came for seeing that little boy race.


The race looked like heat on the finish line but of course enough the boy dug deep and called to his strength and power.

And You know he won the race everyone is cheering for the boy. The boy feeling proud of himself and feeling special for himself. The second race was called and two new young boys competed and you know again the little boy won the race. Again everyone is cheering his success and the boy feeling spacial but the wise old man not expressing any feeling.

the race for life

The wise old man stepped forward and introduced a little boy with two new competitors, the first was an old lady and the second was a blind man.

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The Little boy said “What is this” and “This is not a race” then The wise old man said “Now Race” and the boy is agreed. Now the race begins and the boy finished line Alone and both others not crossed the starting line when the boy crossed the finishing line feeling good but this time nobody cheering him or feeling good for his success.

The race of life

The boy was confused “Why is Nobody cheering his success” he asked the same question to the wise old man and the wise old man said, “Race Again“.

But This time the wise old men said for finishing with them, not Alone and the boy grap there hand and walk slowly and finished the race together when they finished everyone starts cheering and enjoying their success But the boy was again confused.

He asked the wise old that for whose winning that is cheering.

The wise old man looked into the eyes of the little boy, putting his hand on the boy’s shoulders, and answered with a smile that “Little boy you won much more in this race than in any race you have ever run, and in this race the crowd cheers for not any winners”.

now the moral of the story is “what are you running for?” “is the victory the only measurement for you in your life? do you crave success? who are you running against? and if you always defeat everyone soon people will stop cheering for you at the end of their lives if you look back.

The question is who are your competitors if they were weaker and older did you help them or will you cross the finishing line alone or you all finished together there will not be any winner but cheering and happiness will be and because it is the best race you could ever run so run this race called life but don’t forget that it doesn’t matter if you win or not.

it is important how you run this race,

One of the key points of this Inspiration story

Archive what you want but don’t Blind in for selfless when you run for anything think first who is next to you for the same thing.

Achievement means only not you have to be alone at success point you can work with others and can get achievement or success with others.

This is a short story but a very motivating story hope you will understand the core part of this book’s story and will apply in your life. this race was really the race for life

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