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Benefits of reading books for The mind 2020

Before making Reading habits you must know that What are the benefits of reading books, why should read books, the scientific benefits of reading books, and books for beginner readers, you will get all these question answers.

benefits of reading books

Welcome 2021

I know!!
that still 2020 is going on, yet coronavirus and lots of things are.
But I just wanna say that if anything is going on wrong then we should work towards positive things.
I don’t mean that wash your hand and keep mash on your face .it must do in this situation but I am talking about Reading books.

Don’t things too much I will explain to you why reading books habits are best for the Brain.
I will not give promise that if you will read millionaire books and after that, you will be a millionaire but I will tell you Reading books and impact on the Mind
you are thinking, who the hell am I, telling you about reading.
who am I?
who am I?
I am a blogger and this blog is based on my research, believe me, you will like this blog.


  • Why Nobody Reads Books?
  • Why Should Read Books?
  • Which books for Reading?
  • Quotes
  • Benefits of Reading Physical Books
  • Source of Earning by Books

Why Nobody Reads Books?


There is a growing number of people who simply aren’t reading books anymore. There are no set reasons why this happens but Normally their lots of things come that looks like reason or you can say that is the reason

Don’t Have Time For reading, Don’t Know What to ReadNever Got Into the Reading Habit, Books Are Expensive

scientific benefits of reading books

And their lots of reasons if you will google it but one thing or can say a positive point of reading books we don’t know so we don’t read that is an impact on the mind.

Let me clearfiy but First we have to know that why should read books?

Why Should Read Books?

what do you think, why should read books? let me clarify there are lots of reason for reading books like it sharpens your mind, build new vocabulary, reduces stress (feel like a movie), prepares you for a good night sleep, Increases empathy, it increase Knowledge, improved Focus and Concentration.

mproved Focus and Concentration

after shocked maybe you got information then let’s see towards scientific benefits of reading books or scientific reports for reading.

researchers have affirmed that reading includes an unpredictable system of circuits and signals in the mind. As your reading capacity develops, those systems likewise get stronger and one study conducted in 2013 researchers used functional MRI scans to gauge the impact of perusing a novel on the brain.

Study participants read the novel “Pompeii” over a time of 9 days. tension built in the story, an ever-increasing number of zones of the brain lit up with movement.

Which Books for Beginner Readers?

Books for Beginner Readers , I will provide you list of some books that are common for Beginner Readers and also books blogs are here.

5 Non-Fiction Books

5 Fiction Books

5 Books Blogs


“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.”

George R.R. Martin

Benefits of Reading Physical Books

As you read before the scientific benefits of reading books but maybe lots of people confuse between ebooks reading and physical books reading hmm..interesting confusion so I will talk about virtual books reading first and share with your excuse and also talk about physical books reading.


which Books for beginner readers after getting this question answer. people start reading as I know with my experience most adult or teenager first look toward ebooks reading you know why because teenager can’t afford a book from their pocket money or most of the adult never serious at the beginning of reading according to them virtual books are free and if we will not be adjusted with a reading habit so we can leave easily without lost money but

I will tell you why am I focusing on Physical books reading. I will share an expert opinion and the benefits of reading books mean physical books

Do you know Bill gates Known for Co-founder of Microsoft. He loves reading and he shares his own opinion for Paper books or ebooks in this video


scientific benefits of paper books reading ” You’re less likely to get distracted”.

Source of Earning by Books

when you had been made habit of reading books then this gave you an opportunity for earning by your books knowledge.

books reading

No need to be shocked it’s ture. there is lots of platform where you can share your knowledge.

Plaforms for earning

  • Instagram
  • yotube
  • Blog
  • by permotion

and more.

At the last 2 quotes for finishing this blog.

“Think before you speak. Read before you think.” – Fran Lebowitz

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” – Ray Bradbury

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