Best Books by Emily St. John Mandel Everyone should read once

Emily St.John mandel is Canadian Novelist. Emily st.john mandel born in 1979 in British Columbia, Canada.

Her middle name is St. John’s (this information source is her insta account haha)

“According to Wikipedia Madela wrote article an analyzing- using Goodreads’ database of books-statistics relating to the novels”

Madel had published five Novels that you will see in this blog with a summary and different things.

Best Books by Emily St. John Mandel Everyone should read once.

  • Last Night in Montreal (2009)
  • The Singer’s Gun (2010)
  • The Lola Quartet (2012)
  • Station Eleven (2014)
  • The Glass Hotel (2020)
 Best Books by Emily St. John Mandel Everyone should read once.

1. Last Night in Montreal (2009)

Last Night in Montreal” her first novel, was a finalist for Foreword magazine’s 2009 book of the year.

The first novel”Last Night in Montreal” about a woman who abandons lovers as she moves Town to Town, pursued by detective former lover.

This novel focuses on the mysterious past of a woman named Lilia

Lilia Albert has been leaving people behind for her overall life. She spends her childhood and adolescence traveling sustainably and changing identities.
who was kidnapped by her father at the age of 7. Lilia has no memory of life before the abduction, yet the mysterious scars on her arms suggest rebuke. Throughout the story, the viewpoint is moved between the stories of various characters who are affected by the mystery of Lilia’s story.

Mandel chooses her words with mindful love and arranges them to superlative effect.

2.The Singer’s Gun (2010)

The Singer’s Gun, Emily St. John Mandel’s second literary thriller.

The Singer’s Gun is a nail-biting thriller overflowing with high-stakes issues such as blackmail, theft, fraud, and human dealing. Everyone Anton Waker grew up with is dishonest. His parent’s settlement in stolen goods and his first career is a copartnership with his cousin Aria selling forged passports and social security cards to illegal aliens.

Anton vows to leave his life of crime behind him, but just weeks before his marriage, Aria tells him she needs his help closing a deal. If Anton refuses this one last lob, she’ll be forced to tell his fiancée who he really is. So it is that Anton finds himself returning to his old life in order to keep his new one, all the while praying he doesn’t lose everything as a result.

3.The Lola Quartet (2012)

  • Deval shoots Gavin in the arm and when Gavin awakens in the hospital Daniel is constrained into clarifying more about what happened to Anna.
  • When Gavin, at last, goes up against Anna about what she’s done, he understands how confused her decisions are. He advises Sasha to make a run for it and concludes that his lone choice is to mention to the police what happened.

4.Station Eleven (2014)

Emily St. John Mandel wrote “Station Eleven” is a 2014 novel. It is st. John Mandel’s fourth novel.
It showed up on a few end-of-year records as probably the best novel of 2014

  • A bold, hazily sparkling novel about art, popularity, and aspiration set in the spooky days of civilization’s collapse, from the creator of three exceptionally acclaimed past novel.
  • The lead role is played by Arthur Leander, a maturing Hollywood actor minutes from his passing.
  • one cold night a popular Hollywood on-screen character droops over and dies on in front of an audience during creation of King Lear. Hours after the fact, the world as we probably am aware it starts to disintegrate
  • In front of an audience with Arthur is Kirsten Raymonde, a little youngster playing one of Lear’s daughters. Suddenly, Arthur endures a massive heart attack, and Jeevan Chaudhary, a previous paparazzo and now an EMT in preparing jumps in front of an audience to endeavor to spare Arthur with CPR. As a specialist and surgeons dominate, Jeevan solaces Kirsten and discloses to her that Arthur has died
  • the on-screen character, the man who try to save him, the entertainer’s first spouse, his most seasoned companion, and a young actress with the Traveling Symphony, trapped in the line of sight of a risky self-broadcasted prophet. Here and there startling, now and then delicate, Station Eleven recounts to an anecdote about the connections that continue us, the transient idea of popularity, and the beauty of the world as we probably am aware it.

5.The Glass Hotel (2020)

 “The Glass Hotel” is Mandel’s fifth novel and the first since winning the Arthur C. Clarke Award in 2015.

Character List:-


The hero of the story, Ralph is perhaps the most seasoned young man on the island. He quickly turns into the gathering’s head.


Albeit thick, abnormal, and antagonistic to physical work since he experiences asthma, Piggy- – who dislike his surname – is intellectual on the island.


The most contemplative character in the novel, Simon has a profound liking with nature and often walks alone in the jungle.. While Piggy represents the cultural and Ralph the political and ethical facets of civilization, Simon represents the spiritual side of human instinct. Like Piggy, Simon is an outcast: different young men consider him odd and maybe crazy.


One of the hunters and the gatekeeper at the castle rock post, Roger is Jack’s equivalent in mercilessness.

Jack Merridew

The leader of a boys’ choir, Jack embodies militarism as it verges on authoritarianism.

Paul is an alone understudy at the University of Toronto. At a dance club, he gives a few tablets to certain individuals he is planning to become friends with and one of them dies on not long after. Paul escapes to the apartment of his stepsister Vincent.

Vincent is a barkeep at the Hotel Caiette, a five-star lodging on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island. On the night she meets Jonathan Alkaitis, a hooded figure scribbles a message on the hall’s glass divider: “Why not swallow broken glass.”

Vincent changes her identity and is glad filling in as a cook on a shipping freighter. She vanishes from the boat amidst a tempest. Her on-board boyfriend is associated with murdering her. Leon Prevant, who lost his life reserve funds contributing with Alkaitis, is sent to help examine.

Paul discovers some success as an arranger. He has a drawn-out heroin dependence.

Best Books by Emily St. John Mandel Everyone should read once.

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