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Top 8 Collection of Best Selling Chetan Bhagat Books

Chetan Bhagat Book List, Before I will introduce you to a name is “Chetan Prakash Bhagat” known as Chetan Bhagat, is an Indian author. Bhagat graduated from IIT Delhi and completed an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad .his career started as an investment banker but a few years after his job, he left it Because of his passion for writing. he has written eight books and three non-fiction novels. he had included in Time magazine’s list of the world’s 100 Influential People in 2010.

Chetan Bhagat Books

>>>Chetan Bhagat Books list<<<

chetan bhagat

“Be so busy improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.”

Chetan Bhagat

  • Five Point Someone 
  • One Night @ the Call Center 
  • The 3 Mistakes of My Life 
  • 2 States 
  • Revolution 2020 
  • Half Girlfriend 
  • One Indian Girl 
  • The Girl in Room 105 

Five Point Someone

Chetan Bhagat First Novel is Five Point Someone, which was published in 2004 and fired up controversies on the movie “3 idiots”.because both stories are based on engineering students and something similar story.

1. Five Point Someone

This book’s story begins from IIT Delhi where the three friends met and all have a different problem, that they faced together and also a love story of Hari.

Five Point Someone book’s character

Hari Kumar

Hari has no idea what to do in his life.hari’s father is army men and his mother is a housewife.

Ryan Oberoi

Ryan is not good in study and he doesn’t like the education system but he is an intelligent and daring guy. he belongs to the Rich family and his family lives in America due to business.he live in a hostel, Ryan doesn’t like his parents much.

Alok Gupta

Alok is a coward guy, who cares so much about his degree and career.alok is so much good in the study but he belongs to a poor family. Alok loves his father so he carries a pent brush that his father gave him but his father is paralyzed so Alok’s family has only one income source that his mother. Alok’s mother is a biology teacher. Alok has a sister who studies in college but she can’t get married.

As all know about 3 idiots that a super fantastic story the same as you can feel in this book but this book and 3 idiots have different characters, in love life and something you can know, when will you read the whole book.

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One Night @ the Call Center 

Chetan bhagat second Novel is “One Night @ the Call Center” after “Five Point Someone” was the best selling book.

2.One Night @ the Call Center 

Basically this book story about six people who have different problems.the story about “Lost love”, “family affection”, the pressure at home”, and work environment at the call center”.

chetan bhagat

This book story based on a middle-class family that can touch your life. book story focus on how we made lots of expectation and then lives life in frustrations

<<<story charcters>>

Shayam Mehra

Shyam Mehra basically a simple boy but he had lost his love and shayam Mehra created a website with his friend but his boss sell that website and didn’t give credit Shayan and his friend so he feels more frustrated as he was feeling because of lost love.

Varun Malhotra

Varun Malhotra is a chill guy who likes party and speed and his friend calls him “Vroom”.he works at the call center because he manages his expense otherwise he doesn’t like his job.

Radika Jha

Radhika Jha one lady who married in six people of the group. Radhika Jha is a housewife but she wanna take her own responsibility so she works at a call center but his relationship is not good with her mother in law.


Priyanka is an ex-girlfriend of Shyam Mehra.they broke up a long time before so they work at the same call center. Priyanka still feels love for Shyam Mehra but her mother wants that she will get married as soon as possible so her mother tried fake heart attacks three times.

Esha Singh

Esha Singh is a more pretty girl she wants to be model so she works at night and in the morning she does modeling works. someone purpose her but she said she doesn’t want to spend time in these kinds of things ..hmmm interesting but Esha Singh slept with a designer for getting modeling work but after she didn’t get.

Miltary uncle

Nobody knows about him properly yet his real name but one of the sad stories about his life is, his child left him and his grandson said to him why are you sending me an email, stop sending emails.

All have one common problem that is all are frustrated from life. This book story tells you about one night at the call center where all minds thinking change because something happened.

Wants to know what happened.



The 3 Mistakes of My Life 

Chetan bhagat’s 3rd novel inspired by a real-life story, published in May 2008. The story of Three Friends and based in the city of Ahmedabad in western India.

<<Story Character>>


Govind is an intelligent guy, also he is good at maths and he wants to go to engineering college but his family is poor so he can’t go. Govind doesn’t feel guilty because he wants his own business, not like work anyone under.


Ishaan likes cricket so much but he can’t play for India.


Omi has no aim, no purpose of life.his father is a priest but omi doesn’t want to be a priest

The story begins when three friends met and talk about their future, what to do in life. The whole story is based on Govind’s mistake how he does during their life was going on the right path.

This book’s full story can make you a fan of Chetan bhagat.

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2 States 

Chetan Bhagat’s book 2 State talks about inter-caste marriage and troubles. A Punjabi boy Krish from Delhi and A Tamil girl Ananya, pretty and good in studies. The story begins At IIM Ahmadabad.

Main Keypoints of book

  • Krish and Ananyan both met at IIM Ahmadabad
  • At first meet, they shared food together, soon become friends, and decided to study together every night.
  • After 2 years both are in deep each other but didn’t announce officially.
  • Krish doesn’t like his father because of commucation gape and etc.
  • Ananya and Krish want to marriage in inter-caste but to get marriage lots of problems faced.
  • At The Last After Lots of trouble, both get married because of Krish’s father.


What happened before, know Full story

Revolution 2020 

Revolution 2020  was published in 2011 there Chetan bhagat talks about Triangle Love, corruption, and ambition.

As before Chetan bhagat has different and interesting characters same as the three characters introduced

  • Gopal
  • Aarti
  • Raghav

Gopal, Aarti, and Raghav are friends but Aarti and Raghav fall in love there lots of troubles happen in life. in this book story, A love affair ensues between Gopal and Aarti.

An important message you will get is the main point that a journey of self-discovery.

Full story

Half Girlfriend 

Half Girlfriend is a Romance novel. half girlfriend Chetan bhagat’s sixth novel, released in 2014 by Rupa publication.

Half Girlfriend story begins from St. Stephans college, story main lead hero Madhav, can’t get admission but he is good in basketball then he can get admission to sports quota.

another side, Riya belongs to the Rich family. who also likes to play basketball.

Madhav and Riya’s friendship begins in the basketball Area At St. Stephans college.

As time spend together Madhav feel love for Riya, Madhav expressed his love to Riya, she said No but as requested Riya agrees on one condition

Do you know Half Girlfriend meaning ??

Half girlfriend meaning, this secret in the book, haha go and buy.

Move forward, Madhav talk to his friends about this matter then they said “no half, girlfriend or nothing”.

Madhav and Riya meet at Madhav’s Room, where Madhav wants to close Riya but she declines and Madhav said.



Maybe It can offend you or you can like it.

But After This Madhav wants to meet Riya, Riya gave him her wedding card, both go in a different way after an incident and met again then faced lots of Troubles.

and one interesting thing is it.. book also talks about Bill gets.

WANT To know what Troubles happened



One Indian Girl 

One Indian Girl, The book’s story talks about a Girl name Radikha Mehata. Who has no beauty but is good in studies.

Other Side Radhika’s sister Aditi, who has beauty and all others likes her sister. Move forward

book’s main lead girl Radhika Mehata, studied well and got a job in a foreign company. where meet a boy Debu and both fall in love and cross every limit.

but because of some issues, they broke up then she transfers to Hong-kong. In Hong Kong Radhika fall in love with the boss, boss name Nell Gupta who has already 2 Children and a wife. Lots of Trouble happened and she back home.

Radhika’s mother finds a boy marry to Radhika. she takes time but agrees to marry.

But big trouble happened in a marriage hall, her ex-boyfriend wants Radhika back and her boss also calls to marry her.

Now Radhika has Three option for marry


The Girl in Room 105 

The Girl in Room 105, Chetan bhagat’s eight novels published in 2018. This is a fiction book that is based on Romance, thriller, suspense.

Books first character


Keshav graduated from IIT and his father is RSS leader

Second character


Zara is a Kashmiri girl, who is Ph.D. Scholar at IIT Delhi.

Third character


Ragu is the owner of the M.L company, he has no limit of money.

Kesav passes out from IIT Delhi but is Jobless so he works at IIT coaching. Keshav and Zara love each other but both families is different so they can’t live together.

so they broke up but Keshav loves her so much, can’t forget her so he starts to drink.

Ragu comes in Zara’s life and ragu also loves Zara so they decide to get married.

One day Zara texted Keshav for meeting on his birthday at girl’s hostel Room105. Keshav agreed for coming at Room105.

Keshav and his friend Sohrab both when entered the room then they find in-room Zara’s dead body. Keshav and his friend both go to the police station to report this matter.

Police investigate the whole matter and they find guilty, hostel’s guard Laxman then Keshav feel something is missing and he try to find something then so his face come in front of Kesava.



zara’s stepbrother and his connection with the tarriest community


Her father

who is quite short tempred .

PROF. saxsena

principle of zara’s school and who is pedophile

who killed Zara??

As You know Chetan bhagat so I am finishing the “Chetan Bhagat Books” blog by his quotes.

When you fly high people will throw stones at you. Don’t look down. Just fly higher so the stones won’t reach you…
-Chetan bhagat

these are best selling books of chetan bhagat that make him famous and show he is one of the best writer or author

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