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How to Make Effective Planning and Time Management by Vivek Bindra

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How to Make “Effective Planning and Time Management” by Vivek Bindra, In this post I am going to talk about Vivek Bindra’s book ” Effective Planning and Time Management”. Before starting the book summary let me introduce you to About Vivek Bindra.

Vivek Bindra is a successful businessman and motivational speaker, Founder, and CEO of Bada Business Pvt. Ltd. He Awarded as “Best Leadership Trainer in Asia” by World HRD Congress & Marshall Goldsmith And Traveled & Trained in over 25 Countries. Vivek Bindra is one of the men who know the important time so let’s share the book’s summary with key points that he wants that you need to read for time management.


How to Make Effective Planning and Time Management by Vivek Bindra

This book contains all ingredients that require an individual for increasing productivity in 24 hours by effective planning and managing time. By reading Vivek Binda sir’s book you will aware to manage availability 24 hours to make the most of out it.

key Topics of “How to Make Effective Planning and Time Management by Vivek Bindra” book

1. Do More in Less Time
3. Enhance productivity, accountability through effective planning
4. Maximize results by dealing with time stealers
5. Adopt a more focused approach by focusing on big five and small five goals
6. Learn to prioritize your schedule to achieve more in less time
7. Create an effective schedule to keep moving towards your goals

Do More in Less Time


This Section talks about The Science Behind doing More in Less time, Vivek Bindra gives basic guidelines that will increase your ability.

This Section main key point is a short story of Surbhi that share vivek Bindra sir in book so start with story.

“Surabhi is a single mother who is often seen fire-fighting. She has a job, two kids to raise, a house to manage, and a lot of other responsibilities. She does not have a social life, has financial burdens, and constantly feels like her head will explode! She often wishes a day had thirty-six hours instead of twenty-four.”

If you also think same like Surabhi and want to a day that has more than twenty hours so sir recomment you to ask few question yourself.

  • What are the things you do on an average working day?
  • What are the problems you are faced with when you run out of time?
  • What are the outcomes of these problems?
  • List five benefits of managing time for yourself.

Write down all questions with answers one by one in a notebook or where you like to write. the point here is that we want twenty-four hours in one day but how many of us manage to get what we want out of them?

Did you know?

There are various tools and technique that can help us do more in less time but learn to implement need a strong commitment from you to dedicate yourself.

Three stepes to change mental state.

  • Get up early
  • Stay fit
  • Develop and focus on your “Big Five” and “Small Five” goals

If you implement these three things in your life you will see improvent in yourself and in your life .


There are various aspects of time management, the awareness of which will help us plan our time effectively so that we can regulate our lives efficiently. With these aspects taken care of, we can focus on our goals and be a lot more productive than we ever imagined.

HOW GOOD AM I AT MANAGING MY TIME?…………. Reading more have to buy Kindle or buy paper book.

As possible I tried to find more information about this book and that I got the information I shared so if you like the book and still coming question “How to Make Effective Planning and Time Management by Vivek Bindra”

So buy book and best of luck.

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