How to get Best Free AudioBooks App For iPhone?

free audiobooks app for iphone

free audiobooks app for iPhone Reading books is a good idea for getting knowledge but if you are a beginner or you don’t like reading books, reading books feel frustrating or you are always stuck in understanding a paragraph then

Audiobooks are the best and alternative way of getting knowledge . one of the best things about audiobooks that is you can listen where would you like to listen and you don’t need to carry some weight as carrying in form of books.

are you a beginner and want to purchase a subscription to audiobooks but wait I will provide you the list of the best free audiobooks app for iPhone.

I know you are iPhone or ios user you can afford it easily but first try the free audiobooks app for iPhone then after you can measure that you need to buy a subscription or not

Best Free AudioBooks App For iPhone ,How to get Best Free AudioBooks App For iPhone? let’s Check

1.hoopla digital

Best Free AudioBooks App For iPhone
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Hoopla is a digital service that provides ebooks, audiobooks, movies, Tv shows, and more than 14,00 libraries that you can access everything free. Hoopla digital is the provider of entertainment and across the media libraries. It’s not available only in the form of an IOS app you can also stream online and read many things about this website.

It’s available also on the android phone otherwise you don’t wanna install the app so you can visit the Hoopla digital website. it works like public libraries that means you can read or borrow books or anything from the side instant anytime but you have to do one thing only that is, for browsing books first you have to log in.

2.Librivox App for iPhone

free audiobooks app for iphone
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In Librivox, you can get 15,000 Free Audiobooks that are available for IOS/ iPhone users. here you can browse by title, author or genre, iPhone user can easily save and listen to any books that user want to listen.

Librivox is public domain that provide diffrent diffrent type and veriaty’s books.


How to get Best Free AudioBooks App For iPhone?

OneDrive’s Major Genres Biography, Young Adult, Fiction, Literature, etc. OneDrive also provides free access through your local libraries or school. you just need to put your school email address or library card in order to access it. once you log in you will be able to bring or save ebooks or audiobooks.

audiobooks from the OneDrive library’s collection, with all the flexibility and convenience of a digital app.

4.Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg website homepage

Project Gutenberg is a free library of over 60,000 ebooks, founded in 1997 by Michael Hart. Project Gutenberg was the first provider of digital ebooks or books This website provides different- different ebooks and easily you can know more about ebooks. project Gutenberg work based on donation. you can stream online by the website and it can install from the google play store, there average rating of this site is 4.1. As much this site focus on ebooks as much possible tittle’s audiobooks this website provides.

Project Gutenberg’s major Genres Classic Literature, Educational Resources and one of the best quality of this website is that you don’t need to log in or create an account but another hand bad thing is it, it’s not available in Ios.

5.Digital book

Digitalbook free audiobooks webpage

Digital book is a place to find the public domain for ebooks and audiobooks and on digital books can explore 100,000 kindle, ePUB, and audiobooks. this website goals to help as many people as possible for finding free audiobooks and ebooks. On digital books, you don’t need to create an account for accessing audiobooks and major genres are Fiction, Classics, History. Digital book is a great place or resource for finding audiobooks. you can steam Digital book by computer or mobile phone there is no app for accessing Digital book and I added because this is a nice place for finding ebooks and audiobooks.


If you are not satisfied with free tools maybe you think that these tools are basic for you so let me share with you some paid tools information.

Paid Audiobook Apps for iPhone

1. Audible for iOS

Audible Audiobook Player
source: audiforbooks.com

Audible also a great place for audiobooks by Amazon but it’s not available for free. audible provides good quality audiobooks that you can access anywhere when you purchased it’s a subscription. you can download audiobooks or podcasts for use offline. before listening to any book’s summary this app provides you a sample for understanding the book.


audiobooks.com player
source: audioforbook.com

Audiobooks are an online website as well as they provide an android and IOS app for accessing basically this is a cloud-based “audiobooks” Platform. “Audiobooks.com” allowing users to select from a  library of more than 45,000 audiobooks. They(“audiobooks.com) believe that reading great books makes a person happier and helps them to grow.

3.Nook App

Nook AudioBooks

Nook app is a free app that doesn’t provide any kind of membership, here you can buy and own books only. On Nook, buy over 50,000 audiobooks. Nook is like an online store where users can buy books and then download them after listening. it contains 80,000+ free titles.

Final part

I hope any of website or app are worth for you if you are looking for best free audiobooks for iPhone these book’s resource will be helpful for you or if you have any type of quires then share with me these free audiobooks app for iPhone will help you and I hope you will share free audiobooks app for iPhone that maybe i missed.

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