Top 10 Funny Twitter Handles you must follow in India for 2019 |Only 2019

Have you ever heard a word “G**nd chili” If not please don’t read it further. Because today i am gonna tell you about some of the twitter handles who have lots of “G**nd chili” is there.Here I am gonna tell you 10 Funny twitter handles.

Don’t you feel bored these days. Pissed off of using Facebook and instagram. I have a serious advice for you Move to twitter. Yeah Seriously Twitter is the new fun these days. To start with I am gonna tell you few handles you should follow first. These are the Funniest and best on Twitter these days. so sit back relax and follow the fellas.

Top 10 Funny Twitter Handles

1. @kamaalrkhan

This is well known and one of the funniest handle you will find on twitter.

2. @RoflGandhi_

When It comes to shear Bakchodi this guys will put his finger on every single hole mainly politics and a true gem

3. @theskindoctor13

When it comes to taking a jibe at liberals this guy always comes first with his funny avatar

4. @kunalkamra88

Kunal kamra is a well known comedian and Don’t miss any political antic to make fun of mainly he always take on Sanghis

5. @BollywoodGandu

This is Funny Twitter handle mainly make fun of new bollywood drama or sports.

6. @Trendulkar

Not a parody account of sachin this is complete account in its own which makes fun of movies , books and sarfaraz khan.

7. @GabbbarSingh


One of the best in business making satirical news to Entertain people. In other words, funny as hell

9. @MumbaiPolice

You find it quite silly. but this handle is seriously funny at times therefore, follow it .

10. @Ra_Bies

Other special Handles

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