Top 10 Youtube web series to Watch for Free|2019

Hey Guys What’s the plan for this sunday or next holiday. Don’t tell me you are going to sit at home and going to watch those old style typical bollywood movies. Don’t worry I have better plans for you today I have came with TOP 10 Youtube Webseries

Indian Top 10 Youtube Webseries { Must Watch }


I’ll Start with my personal favorite series Flames. I Kinda relate with this because I was also a IIT coaching student with not that type of Love story but I can relate to it. This Series is the story on the school time romance. You can easily watch it on youtube channel called Timeliners.

2. Kota Factory

The Struggle of children studying at kota is trying to be defines through this series. Kota Factory captures the life of IIT and Medical exam aspirants as they face both Competition and Life. You can watch this on TVFplay and Youtube both I am giving link of 1st episode.

3. Baked

We are slowly moving from school to college and we talk about college their are multiple thoughts came in your mind but one that click the bell is called as Start up and this series totally based on start up called as Baked.

This is story of a boy name haris and his two friends. Haris is from Allahabad and new kid in Delhi University. And he have two flatmates Oni and Body later part you can watch on Scoopwhoop.

4. College Romance

Enough of school , study and start up. Let’s talk about love and romance and the series name called as College Romance

5. Little things

Now that we have covered all the big thing of our life let’s talk about little things I mean the new series you have to watch little things. This series provide you that smile that one smile of real please go watch if you wanna smile. I can talk a lot about it but don’t wanna be that spoiler guy.

6. Permanent Roommates

Story of a GirlFriend and BoyFriend who don’t know either they are in love with each other to finding love with lots of drama going around them permanent roommate is classics webseries.

7. What The Folks

How can I say rate these series all are different, entertaining and equally amazing this one I am talking about is What the folks which is story of a newly married couple In which guy have to live with his In laws later you can find on Dice media.

8. Tripling

This series is about siblings who went for an unwanted ride and went to know the love they lost for each other and the closeness they should have and I cant describe better go and watch sorry for super english.


9. Aam Aadmi Family

The story of a middle-class Indian family. The humour is all too relatable because after all, every family has the same problems.

10. Adulting

Series based on two girl flatmates a coming of age story trying to handle the responsibilities of being independent adults in the fast-paced, urban bustle of Mumbai.

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